AT2 66 QA: 

A compact ride-on, AT2 66 QA excels in terms of manoeuvrability and will prove a pleasure to drive!  
Alpina 224 cc ST 250 ES single-cylinder engine 
Cast-iron cylinder-lining ensures the engine will stand-up to the rigors of heavy-duty use 
OHV design means you’ll enjoy quiet, low-emission operation and pleasingly low fuel-costs.  
Five-position cutting-height adjustment can be configured to either collect, mulch, or side-discharge. 
Superior driver-comfort via an Alpina Ergonomic steering wheel and Smart seat with lower-back support. 

AT2 72 A: 

Of compact dimensions and offering excellent handling and straightforward operation, the 72cm Alpina AT2 72 A will prove a great buy for anyone looking to upgrade from a larger walk-behind mower! 
Five-speed manual transmission that provides for a variety of surface-types and grass-lengths. 
Seven pre-set cutting-heights (30-80mm), for a precision finish 
170-litre-capacity grass bag which ensures a speedy work-rate  
352cc Alpina four-stroke air-cooled engine that can produce 6.5kW 
Emission-cutting, noise-reducing and fuel-saving OHV design 
Alpina Smart driver’s seat and Ergonomic steering wheel. 
Mulch-capable, with the relevant kit as an optional accessory. 

AT4 84 A: 

With the attractively priced Alpina AT4 84 A, you’ll enjoy simplicity of operation, excellent productivity, and class-leading versatility! 
Three-in-one mowing - collection; mulching; rear-discharge - with seven pre-set cutting-heights and a multi-speed manual transmission for varying grass-conditions and terrain-types. 
352cc Alpina ST350 single-cylinder engine that provides 5.8kW 
Quiet, clean-running, and fuel-efficient, thanks to its OHV design. 
84cm cutting-width provides large-area work-rate and manoeuvrability; while electromagnetic engagement activates the blades quickly and with zero effort. 
Anti-scalp deck-wheels prevent the corners of the cutter-deck marking delicate surfaces during sloping-ground manoeuvres. 
Powerful headlights will enable mowing when the ambient fades; 
Robust front bumper for reassurance with front impact protection. 

AT4 84 HA: 

With the Alpina AT4 84 HA Lawn Tractor, you’ll get powerful performance, excellent versatility, and superior driving-comfort, all at an affordable price! 
452cc Alpina ST500 single-cylinder four-stroke motor rated at 7.4kW which will prove quiet, clean, smooth, and economical, thanks to overhead-valve technology. 
Foot-pedal-controlled hydrostatic drive; a desirable feature that enables you to control the groundspeed similar to an automatic-transmission car - the more you press the pedal, the faster you go! 
Front-mounted bumper to prevent engine-damage in the event of accidental impact, while an electromagnetic power-take-off clutch makes starting and stopping the blades an effort-free process. 
Three mowing-modes - bagging; rear-discharge; mulching - and seven pre-set cutting-heights. 
Bright but energy-efficient LED headlights, so it can be safely driven in poor ambient light; and benefits from gauge-wheels that ensure edges and corners of the deck won’t mark the turf when you’re executing turns on uneven ground. 
84cm working-width and largest-in-class 240-litre collector. 

AT4 98 HA: 

Large enough to cover a substantial area fast, but compact enough to be easy to manage, the Alpina AT4 98 HA is ideal for gardeners looking to take their first steps into the world of petrol garden tractors! 
452cc STIGA ST500 engine supplying 7.9kw (10.6hp) with OHV technology for low-emission operation and excellent fuel-economy; 
Electric key ignition-system for rapid, reliable starting. 
Foot-pedal-controlled hydrostatic transmission; a premium feature that gives the driver smooth, car-like ground-speed control with no need to stop and manually change gear. 
Collection and mulch-capable, with seven pre-set cutting-heights, which performs on a variety of grass-types (mulch-kit optional). 
Powerful headlights will enable you to keep going well into the evening; while electromagnetic PTO engagement means you can start and stop the blades at the simple push of a button. 
A delight to drive, with an LED dashboard display and combines an Alpina Ergonomic steering wheel with a Smart low-back seat. 
Audible alert when the 200-litre collector reaches capacity. 
This 98cm model is a good match for areas up to 4000m2. 

AT4 98 HWA: 

Offering powerful performance, simplicity of operation and great versatility, the Alpina AT4 98 HWA Lawn Tractor is a practical and convenient solution to the problem of large-scale lawn maintenance! 
Alpina ST550 engine; a high-capacity, high-output 586cc/10.1kW air-cooled four-stroke, blending a V-Twin design with OHV technology for aggressive torque, less tiring vibration, and lower fuel-costs. 
A versatile machine capable of handling condition-changes as the growing-season progresses, the AT4 98 HWA can collect, mulch or rear-discharge clippings (mulch-kit available as an optional accessory); and with a choice of seven pre-set cutting-heights. 
Hydrostatic drive - controlled via a foot-pedal - optimizes control and manoeuvrability by facilitating infinite-increment groundspeed adjustment, while a series of gauge-wheels work to stop turf-damage by preventing the edges of the 98cm cutter-deck digging-in when you’re turning on uneven ground. 
Efficient and long-lasting LED headlights that mean you’ll be able to continue work should the ambient light deteriorate. 
Electromagnetic PTO clutch for effort-free blade activation; 
Front-bumper that provides peace of mind with accidental impacts 

AT8 102 HW2: 

A high-specification machine designed and engineered to exacting standards, the Alpina AT8 102 HW2 will make the life of anyone keeping a large lawn or rough-grass area significantly easier!  
102cm cutter-deck ensures lots of ground is covered on each pass 
Hugely roomy 300-litre grass-catcher that minimizes breaks. 
Smooth STIGA 635cc/10.6kW four-stroke air-cooled motor, with OHV design and V-Twin cylinder, maximises torque-output and economy. 
Full-pressure lubrication minimises component-wear and extends engine life; STIGAs’ electronic ignition means dependable starting. 
Three-in-one capability for bagging, rear-discharging or mulching. 
LED headlights and an eight-LED dashboard display. 
Vital mid-back seat support; ergonomic soft grip steering wheel. 
Seven-step cutting-height adjustment and anti-scalp deck-wheels prevent unsightly turf-marking when turning on rolling ground. 
Hydrostatically driven machine, for infinitely variable ground-speed control and excellent manoeuvrability. 
Front bumper that provides front-end protection; 
Electromagnetic PTO clutch for effortless blade engagement 
Redesigned bonnet engine air-intake for superior performance. 

AT8 122 HW2: 

Combining a hugely capacious 300-litre grass bag with an expansive 122cm working-width, the high-specification Alpina AT8 122 HW2 is a fast way to efficiently cover the largest lawns and rough-grass areas! 
635cc STIGA engine rated at 11.6kW blending OHV technology with a V-Twin cylinder for low-vibration and high-torque performance. 
Electronic ignition-system for dependable starting 
Full-pressure lubrication minimizes wear and extends engine-life. 
Hydrostatically driven - no manual gear shifts. Speed control is via a foot-pedal, for great control and manoeuvrability. 
With the purchase of the optional kit, can mulch grass-clippings for free fertiliser (optional tow-hitch is also available). 
Anti-scalp deck-wheels prevent turf-marking on rolling ground; seven-step cutting-height provides for amost all grass-lengths. 
Ergonomic soft-grip steering wheel and mid-back supporting seat. 
Eight-LED dashboard display provides clear information on all key parameters; and LED headlights enable safer mowing and towing in murky conditions. 
Redesigned bonnet engine air-intake for superior performance; 
Front bumper provides solid front-end protection; 
Electromagnetic PTO clutch for effortless blade engagement. 

AT3 98 A: 

Gardeners looking for a fast and efficient way to manage large areas of overgrown grass should look at the well-equipped Alpina AT3 98 A! 
Can handle out-of-control growth thanks to its side-discharge cutter-deck - long grass-cuttings are ejected in tidy rows to the right-hand side of the tractor, thus avoiding chute-blockages and saving time by eliminating the need for emptying-stops. 
Alpina ST350 engine; a highly efficient four-stroke power-pack that’s capable of producing a muscular 6.5kW from a compact 352cc cylinder-capacity; and which benefits from noise-minimizing and emission-cutting OHV (overhead-valve) technology. 
Large-diameter drive-wheels that provide essential traction when you’re working on inclines or damp ground; and electromagnetic PTO engagement, so quick and easy to start and stop the blades. 
Seven pre-set heights-of-cut and combines an optional mulch-capability with a multi-speed manual drive. 
Anti-scalp deck-wheels for turf-protection when manoeuvring on hills and uneven ground; 
Alpina Smart seat with lower-back support for long hours of fatigue-free mowing. 

AT3 108 HA: 

Expansive areas of overgrown, out-of-control grass can be quickly and efficiently tamed with the 108cm side-discharge Alpina garden tractor! 
A substantial machine, but nevertheless highly manoeuvrable, with its infinitely adjustable hydrostatic transmission enabling precision ground-speed control, ensuring you’ll find it much easier to work around obstacles than you would with a stop-start manual model. 
With the purchase of the optional mulch-plug, you’ll be able to achieve a beautifully neat finish on a well-maintained formal lawn. 
Seven pre-set heights-of-cut means you’ll be able to manage a diverse range of conditions, while large wheels provide high-grip traction in damp weather and on muddy surfaces. 
Electromagnetic PTO clutch, so engaging the blades couldn’t be easier. 
452cc STIGA ST500 single-cylinder engine with fuel-saving, emission-limiting, and noise-reducing overhead-valve technology. 
Front bumper for peace of mind in terms of impact resistance; and twin headlights that make it possible to continue working long into the evening if necessary. 

AT4 84 Li: 

Enjoy the ultimate in reliability and get true petrol-matching power and performance with the new-generation AT4 84 Electric garden-tractor, capable of a rapid 8.5km/h top speed, and a huge 3000m2 coverage! 
Forget dirty, noisy petrol engines with a high-capacity, high-output 48V (30Ah) lithium-ion battery that can charge in just 2.5 hours (with optional fast charger*); and a lengthy 45-minute run-time 
Like electric cars, the AT4 84 Li has no geared transmission. Acceleration is super-smooth and delightfully responsive. 
Three-in-one design, whereby you can elect to either collect, mulch or rear-discharge grass-cuttings (deflector and mulch-kit optional). 
The well-equipped cockpit incorporates a five-LED battery-status display, a USB port, and a mobile-phone holder. 
Electromagnetic PTO engagement starts and stops the blades by simply pushing a button 
Alpina seat and Ergonomic steering-wheel maximises comfort. 
IP protection for the motors and electrical system allows water cleaning for the under-deck (most electric tractors require airflow). 
This 84cm machine comes with a capacious 200-litre collector 
*Battery, standard charger, and fast charger available separately. 
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